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House of Coco: Cool Laser

House of Coco: Cool Laser

We hit our late twenties and we become all-consumed with reversing the signs of ageing; drinking gallons of water, slathering on eye serums by the bucket-load and avoiding the sun like you’d avoid Tinder after midnight.

But no matter how much we spend, we often can’t undo the existing damage from the earlier, less responsible years.

But imagine if there was a magical treatment that could reset your skin to its former baby self? To the face you had before the nineties tanning-bed phase had resulted in pigmentation, before birth-control-induced melasma and before you popped and scratched at spots to give rise to discolouration and scarring.


Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Olivia Culpo and Jenna Dewan Tatum are huge fans of the treatment and often share their trips to see their cosmetic dermatologist on their social media accounts.

Jenna Dewan heralding it as the reason that she can now ‘go mostly makeup free with no filters or retouching.’

And Olivia Culpo saying that it ‘helps to get rid of discolouration and sun damage and makes your skin look more “glowy”.’

But up until mid 2019, if you googled dermatologists and cosmetic doctors who offer Cool Laser in the UK, you’d be severely disappointed as it was only available at a handful of luxury clinics in Beverly Hills. But now, it’s available in the UK.

Dr Vincent Wong is a leading cosmetic doctor at Renova Clinic in Marylebone, London. He’s the first doctor in the UK to be using the Cool Laser and has already seen celebrities enjoying the results – recently welcoming Fleur East in to the clinic to get her skin ready in advance of her wedding. Sinitta, Sam Bailey and Nadia Forde have also visited Dr Wong for the treatment ahead of its launch to the public.

With Cool Laser we’re able to create smoother, clearer skin that is resurfaced from the inside out – and we’re able to stimulate the growth of new collagen which is important when we’re trying to turn back the hands of time.’ Dr Wong explains.

The treatment – most commonly used to treat scars, wrinkles, acne scars and sun damage – improves skin tone, smoothes out fine lines, and evens out skin discolouration by treating tiny sections of the skin at a time.

‘It’s a dual-mode, high-definition, fractionated Erbium laser,’ he continues. ‘It’s significantly different to existing lasers in that it cools the skin while simultaneously emitting microscopically thin columns of laser… It’s the middle ground between having a treatment that’s effective enough, while still promising minimal downtime.”

This nifty Cool Laser device that boasts a vast array of treatments works in a different way to many of the other lasers on the market as it only targets the water in the skin. Not wishing to bore you with science, it does this because it’s an Erbium laser. Erbium emits a wavelength of light that only affects the water, leaving the surrounding tissue undamaged.

It’s delivered in a series of very fast pulses, which feel a little like being flicked with a rubber band. This means that it’s not heating the skin itself so it’s far less painful and there’s no need for air-cooling of the skin as there is with some other types of lasers.


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