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Introducing Morphiya, the groundbreaking regenerative medicine and revolutionary Hybrosome™ Technology. 

It’s not just a cream, but a pioneering formula developed by experts in longevity, leveraging the restorative power of exosomes.

The Future of aesthetics in progress

Morphiya showcases the collective genius of scientists, medical experts, and industry specialists worldwide, all committed to transforming the concepts of beauty and longevity. Morphiya transcends traditional skincare solutions. It symbolizes a forward leap into the realm of custom biointelligent skincare. Crafted through meticulous research and packaged for daily application, Morphiya invites you to explore the cutting-edge science behind its creation. Experience unmatched outcomes with Morphiya today.

What is Morphiya?

Morphiya Exosomes represent a groundbreaking advancement in the field of regenerative medicine, embodying the latest innovation in cellular therapy. Exosomes are extracellular vesicles released by cells, which play a pivotal role in cell-to-cell communication by transferring proteins, lipids, and nucleic acids between cells. Morphiya Exosomes are meticulously engineered to enhance this natural process, potentially offering novel treatments for a variety of health conditions, including degenerative diseases, injuries, and the rejuvenation of various bodily tissues. This cutting-edge therapeutic approach harnesses the power of cellular communication mechanisms to promote healing and regeneration, marking a significant leap forward in medical science.
safe for home use,

100% safe for home use, approved by regulatory bodies worldwide

Stabilised exosomes

Stabilised exosomes for commercial use enable a shelf life of 24 months


Can be used by all skin-types and ethnicities without any contra-indications or side effects

How Morphiya is changing aesthetics?

With more people looking for regenerative and natural medicines. Morphiya Exosomes are at the forefront of regenerative medicine, offering clinics an innovative solution to enhance patient care and treatment outcomes. These microscopic vesicles are engineered to facilitate cellular communication and regeneration, making them a pivotal tool in healing and tissue repair. By incorporating Morphiya Exosomes into your clinic's offerings, you're not only adopting cutting-edge technology but also providing your patients with access to non-invasive treatment options that can accelerate healing, reduce inflammation, and improve overall wellness. This positions your clinic as a leader in adopting novel therapeutic approaches, potentially attracting a broader patient base seeking advanced, state-of-the-art treatments.

The regenerative aesthetics revolution

Conceived by the worldwide network of regenerative scientists and supported by years of research in longevity, our era of historical precedents concludes, and the age of the longevity revolution commences.


The London Regenerative Institute brings together a group of global experts in science to lead the advancement in regenerative medicine. Our patented technology, Exomorphic Biotech™, utilises bio-engineered messengers to facilitate cell-to-cell communication, marking a new era in treatment possibilities.

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How Morphiya upgrades your ‘system’

Like any complex system, our cells have a hardware, like cell membranes and organelles.

They also have a software, like our genetic codes and epigenetic alterations, to process data for fulfilling vital functions and necessary procedures.

Longevity research has predominantly focused on DNA damage repair, cellular mechanisms, or metabolic pathways - essentially, our biological "Hardware". Yet, it is proven that even old cells revert to a youthful state when co-cultured in an embryonic cell environment. Thus the hardware is capable of rejuvenating itself.

Our innovative technology merges exosomes with liposomes, creating a powerful delivery system for substances such as amino acids essential for synthesising proteins. This fusion results in the Hybrid Exosome (HybrosomeTM), a groundbreaking advancement in the field of aesthetics. Representing a paradigm shift, Hybrid Exosome technology embodies the concept of simultaneously "upgrading both the software and hardware" of cells. This approach fosters tissue rejuvenation and regeneration from the inside out.

Morphiya for anti-aging:

For over six decades, efforts to alter the external signs of ageing skin aimed at achieving a youthful appearance have yielded no substantial benefits at the fundamental, cellular level where ageing truly occurs. The term "anti-aging" has led astray billions, suggesting benefits that merely affect the surface temporarily. Recently, products featuring Exosome technology have emerged, yet they often fall short due to: An absence of scientific evidence supporting their effectiveness The inherently unstable characteristics of Exosomes Concerns over product safety for consumer use due to their instability.

Skin Longevity - Two Fundamental Steps

Morphiya transformative treatments effectively promote Skin Longevity through 2 Steps: 1. Constant renewal/ rebooting of skin cells (Skin Rejuvenation) 2. Complete replacement of the damaged tissue due to ageing, scar tissue and post medical procedures (Skin Reconstruction & Regeneration)