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Sylfirm X and Scarlet RF Micro Needling Tips

The single-use tips for the Sylfirm X and the Scarlet SRF. You will need to be registered with Novus Medical Store to be able to order tips.

To register please click on the icon beside the cart and enter the required information.  Once complete your access will be granted by a member of the Novus Online team.

If you have any questions please contact us on

  • Scarlet Tips - XE25 Scarlet

    Scarlet Tips, Non-Insulated, single-use RF Microneedling tips for the Scarlet SRF device. Supplied in boxes of 10 individually packaged tips.

  • Sylfirm X Tips

    Sylfrim X Tips for use with the Sylfirm X RF Microneedling device. Supplied in boxes containing 10 individual tips..