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Jet Peel ToGo

Experience the Future of Skincare

Skin care taken to the next level
JetPro is advanced skincare technology designed to treat skin and enhance confidence. Jet propulsion technology adapted for the aesthetic industry enables the most comfortable, healthy treatment and fast visible results. Beyond the skin, JetPro helps people look and feel fresh, healthy and amazing, building confidence in themselves and their skincare – as never before.
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JetPro ToGo is the complete JetPro Duo system in a compact, portable device that you can take anywhere with you. With JetPro ToGo, aestheticians can offer the exclusive combined Jet-LED treatment in any setting – at homes, offices, hotels, events and any other location. The JetPro ToGo is lighter, smaller and incredibly easy to transport, yet provides the same beautiful, smooth results as the JetPro Duo device. Extend your business beyond the clinic with the unique, pleasant and pain-free JetPeel experience wherever the clientele requests it.
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