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Times Luxx - APTOS: The new-look nose Job

Times Luxx - APTOS: The new-look nose Job

Until a year ago I never gave my nose a second’s thought. This is curious, considering that I come from a long line of ancestors with interestingly asymmetrical Lebanese noses. There has always been a part of me that believes an unusual nose gives character and attractive singularity to a face. For proof you have only to look at the magnificent hooked beauty of the French Call My Agent! star Camille Cottin.

Yet a wretched year playing with different Zoom angles has brought my profile into sharper focus and I long for some gentle realignment. Traditional rhinoplasty, in which doctors use brutal instruments such as hammers and chisels, leaving extensive bruising and not always pleasing results, is now, thankfully, considered outdated.

Other less invasive procedures, including threads and fillers, which subtly alter contours, are becoming more popular. There is usually no downtime or bruising and the results are instant. New-generation threads can provide good support to give the nose definition. As ever, the recommendation is to see a qualified physician, such as Paul Banwell, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon who is also a visiting professor of plastic surgery at Harvard Medical School. He uses biodegradable Aptos Threads, which contain small anchoring points known as cogs or barbs that act like scaffolding. There is no scarring and the threads (sometimes several at a time to create volume) are inserted via a needle and pulled up to give the desired effect. There is a minimal swelling and the procedure can easily be reversed.

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