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Fractional Treatment For Snoring


Somnilase is an incredibly exciting treatment which promises to effectively treat snoring. An innovative treatment, the goal of the procedure is to strengthen the structure of the soft palate and uvula, achieved by a fractional method that causes microscopic damage to the mucous membrane which then heals with a renewed stability. As a result, the soft palate is fixed and becomes more stable during breathing, since a greater resistance to the passage of turbulent air flow throughout the night is provided. Offering a very real alternative to surgical intervention without the downtime or the risk associated, Somnilase is very quickly becoming one of the most sought after treatments for people whose life has been impacted.

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The results are seen within 5-10 days, often patients snoring will significantly reduce sooner. Many patients will see a significant reduction that will last for 12-18 months, annual top up treatments can be provided.

Dr Nathan Holt - Cambridge Laser Clinic

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