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Clinically Proven
Excellent roi

Energy Based Devices

Novus Medical have hand picked a range of class leading clinically proven technologies and devices.  Numerous of these devices are regularly featured in national press and attract a lot of attention and ultimately footfall for clinics.

Novus Medical is committed to ensure that clinicians and clinic owners are able to safely maximise their ROI with the equipment supplied through initial budget impact review for each device and business planning support and implementation programs.  

As providers of exceptional equipment and training, Novus’s main goal is to help clinicians achieve the treatment objectives of their clients/patients, while ensuring patient safety.   Novus achieves this by raising the educational standards with online and hands on training provided by Novus’s team of accredited clinical specialists, aesthetic Drs and laser experts.

To learn more about the marketing and PR support that Novus Medical can offer, please send a message to the team and we would only be too happy to take you through this in more detail.

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